How to set up your first Mod Kit

Mod Kits are devices used for vaping. When you start vaping, it is always suggested to start with something easy to use. A closed system device is perfect for this as they are pre-filled with e liquid, and all you need to do is click or twist in the cartridge and vape. After you got the hang of vaping, it is time to get more serious and learn all there is to know about open-system vaping.

This article will show you how to begin, what does open-system vaping means, and how to set up your first kit.

However, the two main forms of e cigarettes are closed-, (mentioned above) and open-systems. Open-system is great because you can customize your vaping experience and become a bespoke e cig user if you want to. Because it has its own removable tank, it allows you to re-fill it directly with your e juice. You can have experience with flavours, create your own recipes and combinations, and choose between different nicotine levels.

However, open-system kits like mods are not so hassle-free as their closed-system relatives. Let’s see how you set up your very first mod and tank.

What does a mod kit include? 

Your first kit should always include:

  • the device itself (which is the battery)
  • tank (usually with the atomizer installed)
  • USB cable
  • user manual
  • warranty

Some kits come with additional coils and O-rings and replacement glass for the tank in case they break.

Batteries and charging

You can buy devices with built in- and removable batteries. Built-in ones are very comfortable as all you have to do is charge them with the USB cable given with the kit. So once you open up your new kit, you can connect one end of the USB cable to a computer and the other end to the device.

Devices with removable batteries have a higher wattage and longer battery life. Generally, these batteries don’t come within the kit, so you need to buy them separately. Once you did and opened your kit, you will have to install the batteries. This is not difficult. You do the same as with a TV remote – even though the battery is completely different. There should be a removable cover or a swinging battery door at the back of the device. Place them in and start charging.

Always buy and charge spare ones on the side, so you don’t have to wait for it to be ready. A tip here: Even though mods have the USB cable to charge these batteries, it is suggested to use an external charger to prolong the battery’s overall lifespan and keep it in good working condition. 

Preparing the tank

The tank is where the e juice will go, and the atomizer is attached to its bottom. Before filling the tank, you will need to prime your coil to avoid dry hits. For this just unscrew the coil from the tank and follow the instructions from one of our previous articles. Once this is done, place the bottom coil back to the tank and fill it up with e liquid.

Set up the mod kit and start vaping

Once the batteries are charged, your coil is ready, and your tank is full, all you need to do is put the pieces together. Disconnect the device from the charger and connect the tank to the threading at the top of the mod. If you can set up the wattage, it is best to use the lowest option at first. On the side of your coil — and this is good to do when priming it- look at the wattage range and set your device to the lowest number.

What happens now is that you press the fire button. The mod powers up the coil, which heats up the cotton and let’s vapour come out. This includes the nicotine that you inhale.

The first few puffs will break in your coil and get air bubbles out of the tank, which otherwise would prevent e juice from flowing through the wick. To use your device, all you have to do is hold the fire button while inhaling. Wait until the air bubbles are gone – if there is any- and do the second puff. By the time you reached your desired puff duration, your coil should be broken in, and you are ready to adjust your wattage to your liking.

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