Shortfills 50ml

Shortfills – 50ml E Liquids

Shortfills are larger bottles of VG-based e liquids that come without any nicotine. TPD regulations say, that e liquids containing nicotine can not be sold in larger bottles than 10ml. But how comes the name shortfill? Simply because these larger bottles are not filled to the top, so that you can add your own nicotine to it.

You can use your shortfill e liquid the following way

  1. Remove the lid from the bottle.
  2. Remove the drip cap, too.
  3. Pour in your nicotine shot.
  4. Replace both the drip cap and the lid.
  5. Shake the bottle vigorously.
  6. Now you are ready to fill up your vape tank.
  7. Enjoy!

Shortfills have the advantage, that you do not need to store up a bunch of 10ml e juice bottles at home, instead you can stock up on your favourite flavours. Above this it more cost-efficient than 10ml bottles. Of course shortfills also last longer than 10ml bottles. It is hard to say how long a 100ml bottle lasts, but an average vaper would need 4-5 weeks. A heavy vaper would have been done with it in 2 weeks already.

It is up to you what nicotine strength you add to your shortfill. If you are a non-smoker, you probably won’t need any nicotine shot at all. As a light smoker, meaning 10 cigarettes a day on average, you might start with 6mg for your cravings. But if you are rather a heavy smoker than a light, meaning 15 or more cigarettes a day, you should experiment with 11, 16 and 18mg. These are the stronger nic shots.

At Vapestorm we provide a free nicotine shot to every shortfill. Above this you can enjoy free delivery and same day dispatch for orders made before 4pm.

Shortfills 50ml
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