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Is your vape burning your throat? Here is how to prime your vape coils

Vape coils can cause some trouble, if you do not take care of them from time to time. Usually, after a few weeks, you will start experiencing a burnt taste meaning it is time to change your coil. No matter what kind of e liquid you’ve been using, if the atomizer coil goes bad, then you are going to be left with a burnt sensation in your throat.

Why and how to prime your vape coils

Have you ever felt the same or even worst burning taste straight after replacing the vape coil? Do you have to change your vape coils too often? The reason for these issues might be that you haven’t primed your coil.

„Did what with my coil?” you may ask.

If you are new to vaping, you need to learn about what coils are, what they do, how to set them up, and especially how to look after them. You also need to know why and how to prime vape coils. So if you don’t understand what priming your coil means, then this is just the right article for you.

Let’s start with a quick explanation of what vape coils are 

A coil is one of the atomizer head parts, which is the heart of your vaping experience. An atomizer head converts energy from the battery and heats the coil inside. This then vaporizes e liquid that is soaked into the wicking material, which we then inhale. 

The coil within this consists of resistance wire wrapped in an absorbent material – wicking material, usually cotton. This cotton once filled with vape juice heats up by the wire (coil) and creates vapor. So et voila! The coil creates your vapor. And one of the main parts of vaping is the great and amazingly smelling vape. So why not take care of it. 

This is where priming comes into the picture. To get a longer coil life, avoid dry hits and burning out after the first few puffs priming, or I could say soaking your wick in e liquid is a good thing to do. 

How to do it

It is straightforward and made of 3 main steps: 

  1. Once the new coil is in its place get your e liquid and wet the cotton on the side of the atomizer head through the wicking holes. These „wicking holes” or „wicking ports” are where the vape juice is sucked up from the tank. Just drip some juice to soak the bits of cotton you can see in all the holes there. This can take a while depending on how „thirsty” the wick is.  
  2. Allow 10-15 minutes for the cotton to become fully saturated with vape juice. You can speed up this procedure if you want by:
    • dripping a bit of e liquid directly onto the vape coil through the chimney (especially if you have a sub-ohm tank!) or
    • blocking the airflow on your cartridge and take a few inhales ont he cartridge to help pull the juice into the cotton.
  3. The next step in priming your coil is to take 4-5 dry puffs, with other words, simply take 3-5 puffs without activating the power button of your electronic cigarette. Now you can start vaping with slightly shorter puffs than usual on minimal wattage. Finally you can gradually increase the wattage until you reach your normal power setting.

Priming your coil might take a bit of time and needs patience, but it is worth it for plenty of reasons. If you do the above steps, you avoid dry hits, burned up wicks, bad tastes, and your coil life will be longer. Far more you will experience a much better flavour, too.

So don’t start vaping until your cotton is well soaked, and your coil is ready to create huge clouds of vape. 

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