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E liquid – also known as vape juice or e juice – is an e cigarette liquid, that is placed in the vape tank of an e cig or vape. This creates vapour.

While you are vaping, you inhale and exhale this vapour.

When e liquid, or vape juice, is heated, it changes from liquid to steam in a similar way as water does.

There are different kind of e liquids, vape juices: you can browse some by flavour, by brand or bottle size. As top-rated vape flavours we recommend Heisenberg, Mother Milk, Pinkman, Black Jack and Red Astaire. Of course we have a lot more options to choose from in our online vape shop, take a look at our E Liquid Flavour Categories: Dessert Flavours, Fruit Flavours, Sweet Flavours, Menthol & Fruit Flavours, Berry Flavours, Tobacco Flavours and Drinks. Mix & Match e liquid offers are the best option to try out a lot of exciting flavours and to get to know which vape flavour fits you best.

You might choose you e liquid or vape juice by brand. In our online store you can find a lot of E Liquid Brands and Premium E Liquids. Popular brands are Hangsen, T-Juice, Vampire Vape, IVG and Koncept XIX. All brands have a wide range of flavours, too.

E liquid, vape juice or also known as e juice, is made of a base liquid, nicotine and an e liquid flavour concentrate. Not all e liquids contain nicotine or a flavour, you can also have a nicotine free vape juice. The base liquid is made of PG and VG, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.

Propylene Glycol is a petroleum by-product. Vegetable Glycerine is a thick liquid, that produces clouds of vapour and gives your vape juice a sweet taste. Common ratios are 50/50 or 70/30.

Instead of buying a ready-to-vape flavoured e liquid, you can also do it yourself. In our DIY & Concentrates category you can find high-quality e liquid concentrates to make your own home-made vape juice.

Yes, e liquid is also known as e juice or vape juice. You may also find it as e-liquid, eliquid, vape e liquid, vape liquid, e cig fluid, e cig juice, e cigarette juice or e cigarette liquid.

These are the most common expressions for this liquid, that is placed in the vape tank of an e cig or vape.

DIY stands for “do it yourself”, so the meaning is “do it yourself vape juice”. A home-made vape juice, e liquid. If you want to do mix your own e liquid (vape juice) you will need several things: PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine), nicotine and an e liquid concentrate. For more information click here.

E liquid concentrates or vape juice concentrates give essentially the flavour mixture of your home-made e liquid. You can buy such concentrates ready-to-use and in a lot of different flavours. For your e liquid you will also need some PG, VG and nicotine (optional).

The amount of concentrate used in your e juice depends on your preferences and the recommendations of the concentrate producers. Most of the time 15-18% is the recommended ratio. For a low amount of flavouring you can use 5%, for a high amount take 15%.

You can buy e liquid, or vape juice, in different sizes: 10ml, 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml bottles. However, 100ml bottles are a pretty cost-saving choice, as these e liquids have room for up to two nicotine shots. You can find 100ml vape juices in a lot of flavours and with different nicotine strengths. Of course you can also choose a nicotine free product, if you want.

At Vapestorm you can. Our vape shop offers free delivery and same day dispatch for orders before 4pm. Above this we give our customers free nicotine shots to every shortfill and 100ml e liquid purchase.

Of course: in our e liquid online shop you can find nicotine free e liquids and different nicotine strengths too: 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 11mg, 12mg, 15mg and 18mg. If you prefer DIY you will need some nicotine shots for your home-made e liquid.

Shortfills are larger bottles of vape juice, or e liquid. Important thing is, that shortfills do not contain any nicotine, so they are nicotine free e liquids. The name “shortfill” comes from the fact that these e liquid bottles are underfilled, to give room for a nicotine shot. So if you buy shortfills, you can easily add your nicotine shots to them.

There are a lot of delicious vape flavours you can choose from, it all depends on your personal preferences. For the best menthol vape juice visit our Menthol & Fruit Flavours category. If you are a fruit fanatic, we invite you to browse our Fruit Flavours or Berry Flavours. You may want to try more exotic and exciting flavours, like donuts, bubble gum, cola, etc. If so just take a look at our Dessert Flavours, Sweet Flavours and Drinks.

It depends on how you define “best”: for us “best e liquids” means high-quality products for reasonable prices. In our online vape shop we offer the best vape juice brands for fair prices.

You might want to check out our E Liquid Brands: we have Hangsen, T-Juice, Aspire, Koncept XIX, IVG, Tasty Fruity, and so on. We have also collected our Premium E Liquid offers – best quality, best price.

As an online store (and as passionate vapers) we gained a lot of experience along our way. Here at Vapestorm we collected the brands and products we trust the most.

DIY e liquid means “do it yourself” e liquid: a self-made vape juice. Making your own vape juice needs some dedication, motivation or at least some experience. In our DIY & Concentrates category you will find everything you need to make your own vape juice. You will definitely need some PG, VG, nicotine (optional) and an e liquid concentrate, which gives your vape juice a flavour.

If you are looking for cheap vape juice, you might mix your own e liquid. For this you will need some dedication and patience, but DIY vape juice is the cheapest way of vaping. In our DIY & Concentrates category you will find everything you need to mix your self-made vape juice: PG, VG, nicotine and e liquid concentrates.

Another great way to find cheap vape juice is to browse our Sale offers: here you will find all e cig products and vaping accessories on sale.

A lot of our customers love menthol vape juice. Since none of us has the same preferences, there is more than one “best menthol vape juice” we recommend in our online store.

One of it is Hangsen HS Menthol Sensation, a premium e liquid, since Hangsen is one of the best vape juice brands on the market. Other menthol e liquid products can be found in our Menthol & Fruit Flavours vape juice category.

In our Starter Mods & Kits category you will find the most popular mod brands: Aspire, Innokin, Orchid and SMOK.

Vaping is still not healthy, but it can help you to quit smoking. If you used to smoke, you might start vaping with a higher nicotine ratio and traditional flavours like tobacco flavour.

If you want to become an expert in vaping and join competitions, you may learn how to mix your own vape juice and choose a higher VG ratio.

If you are a social vaper, we recommend choosing nicotine free e liquids. For a great vaping experience, try different kind of flavours, as there are a lot of awesome tastes available. Therefore you might take a look at our Mix & Match offers, where you can order a lot of flavours at once for a great price.

The answer here is: it depends. Propylene Glycol (=PG) is a petroleum by-product, that has no colour or odour at all. Vegetable Glycerine (=VG) is a sweet and thick liquid, that produces clouds of vapour and gives your e liquid a sweeter taste. If you want to have a smoking-similar vaping experience, we recommend choosing a higher Propylene Glycol ratio, as it is used to provide a ‘throat hit’.

If you want to make clouds, you should choose a higher Vegetable Glycerine ratio.

Most common PG/VG ratios are 30/70 and 50/50.

This depends on whether you are trying to quick smoking or making experiences as a social or “professional” vaper. A nicotine free vape juice option is the best option for your and others health.

But if you are quitting smoking and used to smoke a lot, you might start with the highest nicotine level of 18mg and lower it step by step with time. Tobacco flavoured vape juices are a good substitute for high nicotine levels.

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