100ml E Liquids

100ml E Liquid

If you don’t want to store a bunch of 10ml e liquid bottles at home, you can also choose to buy 100ml bottles instead. By this you can stock up on your favourite vape juice. 100ml e juices also allow you to add your own quantity of nicotine. Of course you can leave it out if you prefer to smoke nicotine free e liquids.

100ml e liquid bottles are an invention due to the TPD regulations, as e liquid with nicotine can’t be sold in larger bottles than 10ml. Therefore these are nicotine free e liquids, where the bottles leave a bit space for you to add your own nicotine.

It is hard to say how long 100ml vape juices last: it depends on how often and how long you are vaping a day and on the device you are using. An ‘average’ vaper can make it last for app. a month or even more. But a heavy vaper will probably finish it in 2-4 weeks.

Various 100ml E Liquids

Another important thing is to decide what nicotine strength fits you most. If you are a non-smoker, it is clear that you won’t need any nicotine at all. As a light smoker (means app. 10 cigarettes per day) start with a 6mg strength first. If you are more the heavy smoker type (15 cigarettes a day or more), try to experiment with 11, 16 or 18mg.

If you buy a 100ml e liquid in our online vape shop, you will get a FREE Nicotine Shot as well. Above this we offer free delivery and same day dispatch for orders before 4pm.

100ml E Liquids
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