Dark e liquid cause and why it is dark

Dark e liquid: nothing to worry about!

Discoloration what any product to be consumed or applied can cause anxiety and disgust. The same applies to dark e liquids. However, this is where further knowledge of such a chemical reaction comes in handy. Many vapers throw out their e-juice bottle simply because its colour differs from when they first purchased it. Little do […]

5 cool vape apps to check out

It has never been easier to manage your vaping or connect with other vapers. A few years ago, we sat at home experimenting with how much VG/PG to use, how much nicotine to add, and so on. Then came the online calculators, the vast amount of vaping product manufacturers, and now there are several apps […]

Vaping statistic in the UK 2019 and 2020

Vaping, or on its official name ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems), is becoming popular worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, since 2011, about 7 million people vaping worldwide. In 2018 this increased to 41 million. By the end of 2021, this number is estimated to be 55 million. Vaping sales reached $14 billion in […]

Tips and tricks on how to vape properly

In today’s world, smoking is starting to be the old-fashioned way of consuming nicotine, and luckily e cigarettes are the new way to go. Health professionals, especially in the U.K., encourage smokers and ex-smokers to start vaping as it could help them quit the death-causing smoking habit. But when you stopped using tobacco cigarettes and […]

The Vampire Vape juice range here at Vapestorm

The best and most exciting part of vaping is the e juice. We get the clouds and the flavors from it: the two main fun bits of e cigarettes. In a recent survey, when people were asked what they would do if the flavoured e juices were banned, they said it would deter them from […]

Innokin Kit Coils to choose from

Innokin – Choosing the right coil for your kit

Innokin is a vaping hardware manufacturer, that has a great sortiment of vaping kits. However, there are many types of coils in the vaping industry, confusing to those who just started vaping. To make matters worse, there is a starter kit brand called Innokin, which has even more coil variations to choose from specific to […]


Smoking vs Vaping – Should I vape, or should I smoke?

Smoking vs Vaping – When it comes to smoking, we can’t really say that it is a healthy and good habit. It is proven that smoking is a risk to our health, on all of our organs, and it affects the people around us too. But as technology evolved, we are given the option to […]

Vaping tricks that are really popular

Cool vaping tricks to learn with your huge amount of clouds

Vaping tricks are really popular among the vaping community. We have been talking about all aspects of vaping so far. We touched base on e juices, mods and pods, coils, and all sorts of technical stuff, but the time has come to be a bit less serious and take a look at the fun part […]

Vaping stars and vaping celebrities

Stars Vaping – Vaping made fashionable by celebrities

Celebrities vaping – Fashion, trends, and all sorts of aspects of our culture are highly influenced by celebrities all over the world. Whether this is a good or bad influence, these stars are the largest advocates for today’s society. Luckily when it comes to vaping, many celebrities chose e cigarettes instead of smoking and this […]

Different kind of E juice

Which e juice to choose and how?

E juice, vape juice, e liquid… there are tons of different options to choose from. Are you a bit confused about what e juice to buy? Have you been asked what flavour, what PG/VG ratio, MTL or DTL? And you were like,” Sorry, but I have no idea!” Don’t worry. Buying e liquid for the […]

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