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Tips and tricks on how to vape properly

In today’s world, smoking is starting to be the old-fashioned way of consuming nicotine, and luckily e cigarettes are the new way to go. Health professionals, especially in the U.K., encourage smokers and ex-smokers to start vaping as it could help them quit the death-causing smoking habit. But when you stopped using tobacco cigarettes and start vaping, you realize the two are not really the same. It’s not just lighting up a stick then inhale and exhale, but there are several steps, options, and experiences to learn.

In this article, we collected a few tips and steps to consider when using an e cigarette to make your experience better and more enjoyable. Basically, we show you how to vape properly.

Has anyone told you anything like this when smoking? I guess no. So let’s see, shall we?

  1. The device and all the technical bits

This part is a bit dry and technical, and I can say boring- sorry for that- but overall important. The first thing is to assemble your device correctly. You always have instructions, but the basics are placing the battery below the atomizer, then adding the cartridge which holds the e juice, then putting on the mouthpiece. Once this is done, make sure your battery is charged. Honestly, there isn’t anything worse when you are on the go and realize that your battery is off.

Later on, when you have more experience, it is possible and popular to mod your vape. This means changing parts to your liking. You can choose from many different voltages, e juices, cartridges, and many other things to make your vaping experience fit your style and needs.

  1. Lower or stronger strength cartridges

As mentioned above, you can modify your parts to your unique needs, and by doing so, having a stronger or lighter cartridge also makes a difference. Heavy ex-smokers prefer a stronger cartridge with fewer draws or even a single one giving them enough vape and nicotine. While others like the lighter version with less nicotine strength but more puff.

  1. Hold the vape in your mouth

Many ex-smokers and people with no experience in vaping take a puff and inhale the vapour into the lung. This is not necessary when you use an e cig. Vapour and nicotine absorb better in the mouth than in the lung; therefore, try to take a few puffs – no more than 5- or take one slow draw and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, then inhale to the lung. I promise you will feel the difference.

If you want to max out your experience, try exhaling through the nostrils. So mouth, lung, and then the nostrils.

  1. Zero nicotine vape to be available

Some people love the ritual of holding something in their hand, and the movement of the hand to mouth is just something to be addicted to – a bit like having a cigarette with your morning coffee. Therefore if you feel like this and just want to puff all day long, it is good to have zero nicotine e juice in your pocket. Vaping all day, especially at the beginning when you are not used to how much to inhale to get the right amount of nicotine, can leave you lightheaded. So instead of overdoing it, swap to a zero nic juice and enjoy vaping without feeling sick.

  1. Stealth vaping

Have you ever been on a bus or in a restaurant where Mums and old ladies looked furiously at you when you were exhaling your vapour? Unfortunately, not everyone knows the harmless effects of the vapour; therefore time to time, it is good to hide your clouds. The method is called stealth vaping or vape drawing. All you do is inhale vapour into your mouth, then to the lungs for a short period, and before exhaling, you need to inhale some fresh air. This way, when you exhale, the vapour will be invisible. A good trick, isn’t it?

  1. Vape from the side of your mouth

To experience better flavour due to the vapour passing over the taste buds, put the e cigarette to the side of your mouth. It will be different than smoking a cigarette from the middle part of your mouth and might take to get used to it, but it will feel good.

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