Vaping tricks that are really popular

Cool vaping tricks to learn with your huge amount of clouds

Vaping tricks are really popular among the vaping community.

We have been talking about all aspects of vaping so far. We touched base on e juices, mods and pods, coils, and all sorts of technical stuff, but the time has come to be a bit less serious and take a look at the fun part of vaping.

Did you know that you can do all kinds of vaping tricks with your device? Cloud chasing does not only mean inhaling and blowing out a large amount of vapes, but it has become an actual sport with judges and everything. Here, vapers present all their complicated tricks in front of a judge where the most creative and original trick wins. So if you feel like having some fun with your vaping kit and clouds, here are some tips on how to do them.

What you need to get started with tricks

To make sure you have a vast amount of clouds at a starter level, any kind of mod will do. What you need to pay more attention to is the e liquid. You will need to have a high VG, I would say at least 70/30, where 70 is the VG. You can find a lot of High VG e liquids in our online vape shop. You also need a low resistance atomizer. These are all sub-ohm tanks, or you can choose RDA for denser, bigger clouds.

Airflow is also essential. Don’t set it up too tight but also, if you have too much air, it can thin out your clouds. Play around with your device and find what’s best for you.

Breathing the right way is also essential when it comes to vaping tricks and can be learned. The primary step is to always empty your lungs before the vapour so you can fill it entirely with vapour.

Try to avoid high nicotine level e juices as inhaling so much vape will make you feel sick and dizzy. Also, make sure you drink enough water while practicing and doing tricks.

Vaping Trick 1- The Ghost Hit

This is an easy vaping trick and a great start for beginners. All you do is inhale the vapour and don’t let it go to your lungs. Then push the vapour out and quickly suck it back in. That’s it. Like a ghost, it’s gone.

Trick 2- The French inhale

This one is also called the Irish Waterfall as it can look like an upside-down waterfall. You breathe in the vapour from your mouth through your nose. Here is how to do it:

Step1: Inhale the vapour but don’t let it go down your throat, so keep in your mouth cavity.

Step2: Push the vapour out gently from your mouth.

Step3: Inhale the vapour through your nostrils.

Trick 3- The Dragon

…aka blowing out vapour through your nose and mouth all at the same time

Practice breathing out vapour through your nose-first. If you were a smoker before, it would be easy. To breathe out the clouds on both nose and mouth, you need to practice creating a gap on each side of your mouth. To do this, close the middle of your mouth and create those gaps. You can practice it in front of a mirror, and it’s done right when you make a smile like a face. Not easy, but it can be done with practice. Putting your tongue to the bottom lip helps to keep the middle closed.

Once mastered the gaps and funny looking mouth, you can inhale the vapour and breathe out through the nose and the mouth while looking like a dragon with all the cloud.

Trick 5- The Tornado

For this, you need a smooth and clean surface, and you can, but it’s not a must can use a cardboard tube or some type of tube ( toilet roll is good). So you lean towards the surface and breath out your vape slowly. When you have enough vape, you do a karate kick kind of movement with your hand from the surface upwards, and this creates a little tornado from the vapour. The roll can help to channel the smoke. Try it both ways.

Trick 6- Big Os (a famous vaping trick)

All cool movie stars with a cigarette know how to blow Os. So why not be like them and do it with your vape. This one is a more advanced trick, but with practice, you can quickly master it. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Inhale but keep it in your throat.

Step 2: Your tongue should be resting at the base of your mouth but slightly push back the back of your tongue to your throat.

Step 3: Create an O shape form with your mouth around your teeth. Your lips should be tight, and don’t purse your lips. ( You can control the size of the ring by shaping your mouth to the right size).

Step 4: Let the air out like you would be coughing lightly.

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