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traveling with a vaping device

Traveling with a vaping device in a smart way

Traveling with a vaping device needs some preparation and research. The world has been through a lot in the past couple of months with being quarantined and restricted on travel. However, now that vaccines are available in most countries not to mention that summertime is here, people travel both for leisure and work. Some of […]

Difference between smoke and vapour

The difference between smoke and vapour

Imagine a scenario when you are on a bus or underground traveling home. Vaping your e cig, producing big or small clouds, and just enjoying the vanilla taste in your mouth. Then the elderly lady sitting next to you stands up with a grimace on her face and sits further away from you. Now, this […]

Dark e liquid cause and why it is dark

Dark e liquid: nothing to worry about!

Discoloration what any product to be consumed or applied can cause anxiety and disgust. The same applies to dark e liquids. However, this is where further knowledge of such a chemical reaction comes in handy. Many vapers throw out their e-juice bottle simply because its colour differs from when they first purchased it. Little do […]

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