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Vaping stars and vaping celebrities

Stars Vaping – Vaping made fashionable by celebrities

Celebrities vaping – Fashion, trends, and all sorts of aspects of our culture are highly influenced by celebrities all over the world. Whether this is a good or bad influence, these stars are the largest advocates for today’s society. Luckily when it comes to vaping, many celebrities chose e cigarettes instead of smoking and this is excellent news for the industry.

Let’s see several well-known actors, singers, models who the public has seen vaping at significant events or just casually on the street getting on with their lives.

Leonardo Di Caprio – the brightest star vaping (?)

Maybe one of the biggest stars of all on Earth is good old Leo. In case you are the only person in this world who doesn’t know who he is, let me give you a hint: he is the star of movies like Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant. He has been vaping since the industry bloomed. We could see him vape at events like SAG Awards back in 2016, but later on, just simply on his bike or in restaurants.

Johnny Depp – almost no surprise

JD is also one of the first mainstream stars vaping. He doesn’t just vape in his private life but also on camera. In his movie The Tourist, he uses an e-cigarette while traveling on a train—all this back in 2010.

Samuel L. Jackson – captain badass

One of the greatest actors of all time from movies like Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Unbreakable, or Avengers, Mr. Jackson, regularly posts pictures about his vaping habits on Twitter.

Katherine Heigl – vaping with style

Katherine Heigl, star of the well-known series Grey’s Anatomy or movies like Life As We Know it, 27 Dresses, appeared in the Late Show with David Latterman back in 2010, where she explained that she tried everything to quit smoking. Still, nothing really helped apart from „electronic cigarette,” as she called it, which she said „is basically water vapour” and that she is „humidifying the set at the show.” Oh, she is a funny one.

Jack Nicholson – the vaping genius

Star of the stars Jack Nicholson also vapes. Even at the age of 83, he still does, and he is an advocate to the older generation that vaping is not just for teenagers or young people but cool even after 50.

Let’s leave the movie industry and take a look at the vaping stars of the music industry:

Kate Perry – I smoked an e cig and I liked it

Now a new Mum, Katie Perry has been seen vaping several times and even sharing a vaping pen with her husband Orlando Bloom, back in 2016.

Bruno Mars – the funky vaping celebrity

Singer-songwriter, dancer, and record producer Bruno Mars was well into smoking but made a promise to his Mum to quit. His first step towards this goal was to start vaping instead and posted a picture on Twitter back in 2013 holding an e cigarette and wrote, „Day 1 E-Cig, Gotta Do it!!!! This is for you, mom.” He also invested a considerable sum in Njoy Electronic Cigarette Company. However, Bruno Mars can be considered as one of the most popular vaping stars nowadays.

Britney Spears – vaping got toxic

We either know Britney from her famous songs back in the late ’90s and early years of 2000 or about the scandals and mental breakdown. Anyway, she quit smoking, and it was unhealthy for her and her children, and she changed to vaping. This says it all.

Lady Gaga – rah-ah-ah-ah

Lady Gaga, singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and businesswoman, is a great role model for young girls and women. Her switching from smoking to vaping is a significant influence, especially for teenagers.

And let’s not leave out some famous models among the vaping stars:

Kate Moss – a shiny vaping star

One of the most well-known models in the industry, Kate Moss, switched to vaping in 2013. Rumor says that one time she was craving proper cigarettes on holiday in Ibiza. As she has not packed her favourite e-cigarette, she paid $2000 for her assistant to fly to Ibiza from London and get her favourite e-cig.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan, a famous British model, and television personality, switched to vaping as she considered it „a healthier alternative.”

Therefore, switching from smoking to vaping is a common thing even among celebrities. Let’s not waste time and make the switch today!

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