50ml Pimp My Vape – All Flavours – 50% VG + Free Nic Shot
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50ml Pimp My Vape – All Flavours – 50% VG + Free Nic Shot

£7.49 £5.49


Pimp My Vape offers premium signature e-liquids developed and produced in the UK from top-quality ingredients.

Simply just add to the Short fill bottles as per the Ratio Calculator below to reach your desired Nicotine Strength.



50ml Pimp My Vape All Flavours E Liquid

50ml Pimp My Vape premium e liquids are developed and produced in the UK from top-quality ingredients.

However, we only source e liquid directly from the manufacturer, to ensure you get the best quality genuine e liquid for your electronic cigarette, not a cheap imitation.

We currently have 18 flavours to choose from.

Firstly: 50ml Pimp My Vape Dessert Flavours

  • APPLE & BLACKBERRY-CRUMBLE Delicious apples mixed to perfection with juicy blackberry to create an English classic dessert recipe.
  • BANANA BUTTERSCOTCH CUSTARD Butterscotch, banana and cream blended in a symphony of flavours.
  • BLACKCURRANT ANISEED CHILLED – Spiced anise, blackcurrant and menthol in a chilled combination.
  • BLUEBERRY DONUTS  Delicious blueberry doughnuts, enhanced by a touch of enticing cereals. Above all dessert flavours, this one definitely rock.
  • BUTTERMINT All in all a sweet, delightful butterscotch merged with refreshing mint for a mouth-watering sensation.
  • COFFEE CREAM Certainly a perfect mix of coffee, cream and caramel for an enjoyable vaping experience.
  • LEMON TART – Buttery pastry crust covered in tasty lemon curd and topped with fluffy meringue.
  • STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE Packed with flavour strawberry cheesecake and graham cracker aroma.
  • VANILLA CUSTARD – Deliciously crafted aroma of the creamy vanilla custard and will therefore spoil your taste buds.

Secondly: 50ml Pimp My Vape Fruit & Manthol Flavours

  • BLACKCURRANT MENTHOL CHILLED Sweet and juicy blackcurrant complemented by a touch of menthol.
  • BUBBLEGUM – Juicy ripe berries blended with bubblegum in a harmony synthesis. However, super-delicious.
  • EXOTIC PINEAPPLE – Tropical fuse of pineapple, passion fruit and others. To sum up: amazing.
  • GRAPE APPLE CHILLED – Refreshing apples mingled with succulent grapes culminating in an icy touch. In other words: super-satisfying.
  • HEIZ’N BLOOD  Red Berries Anise menthol. In conclusion: mindblowing.
  • LYCHEES & MANGO CHILLED – Syrupy lychees touched by the exotic taste of mango chilled.
  • MELONS & MANGO CHILLED – The feeling of a summer breeze in a mix of melons, juicy mango and ice cold.
  • MENTHOL – All the crisp and refreshing menthol flavour you could ever dream off in a vape juice.
  • STRAWBERRY KIWI WATERMELON Combining strawberries, kiwi and watermelon for a taste of heaven.


Additional information


Pimp My Vape

PG VG Ratio

50%VG – 50% PG


United Kingdom

Bottle Size

50ml – Nicotine Free


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