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Follow these 7 steps to stretch vape juice consumption

Stretch e liquid: Have you ever been in the situation when you ran out of e liquid? You thought you still have at least one bottle, but when you finished the last one (the one you thought is NOT the last one), you could not find it anymore?

A situation like this was even more annoying at the time when the UK vapour shops closed, and you could only order the bottles online. I would say this period taught us a good lesson: how to stretch vape to last longer.

Here are some tips that can be useful in times of need:

1. Choose the lower power setting on a vape mod

Using vape mods are a personal preference and amazing with their great clouds of vapour. However, mods generally use more e liquid, especially when using them on a higher power setting.

Just as a 75W lightbulb will shine brighter then a 40W bulb, a 50W mod will vaporize more e-liquid than a 30W one.

Luckily there is a variety of mods that come with a low power setting.

2. Use vape pens and pods

Generally speaking, vape pens and pods use less power than mods. So if you are happy to sacrifice a little bit of power in the name of practicality and stretch vape juice for a bit longer, pods and pens are the way to go for you. They still give a powerful hit but without the same bulk as a mod.

The Smoke Nord 2 gives you an output power from 1W- 40W and still gives you a satisfying throat hit. For a vape pen, one of my recommendation is SMOK.

3. More ohm means more vape juice

If you decided to go on the lower wattage setting, you might need to consider changing to a higher resistance coil. Otherwise, with a low resistance one, you won’t get much vapour, nor much e liquid will be left.

If you use a high resistance coil, less e liquid will be used, battery life will be longer, and you will be less likely to get a dry hit.

4. Use a higher nicotine intake

Vapers have the advantage of knowing how much nicotine their e liquid contains. Sometimes we reduce the amount of nicotine so we use less but, we will vape more. This way our vape juice will just run out faster.

Logically if we increase the nicotine amount in the juice we will not vapour more and will have more liquid in the tank.

5. VG or PG if you follow all the above steps?

When using high resistance coil, it is suggested to use high PG instead of VG or to use them in the ratio like 50:50.

High VG liquids are thicker meanwhile, PG is relatively thin. High resistance coils don’t have wider ports to handle this thickness, and they don’t have the same mesh design as low resistance coils.

A 70%PG / 30% VG blend has higher PG and is good to enjoy a more intense flavor and throat hit with a low to moderate vapour.

50% PG / 50%VG is the middle ground between throat hit and vapour. And this is good for your coil as well.

6. Change from freebase to salt-based nicotine e liquid to stretch vape juice

If you have nicotine salt based vape juice, it takes longer to go through that. The main explanation of this is the VG/PG content. Salt nic blends ratio is 50/50, while freebase e liquids have more VG. Less VG in salt-based juices means they will last longer.  

Nicotine salts also allow you to enjoy stronger nicotine hit so you will satisfy your need of nic with fewer puffs, making juice consumption lower. Also a best practice to stretch vape juice.

7. Airflow

Airflow also affects the amount of juice you use. The main point of airflow is to allow airflow freely from the coil to your mouth. Nowadays, most devices have a ring on the tank where you can adjust the airflow manually.

Some say that when the airflow is open wide, more liquid drops are left on the coil, and this helps preserve e-liquid, but then the flavor is less intense as the vapour is not forcing the flavor out, but staying on the coil.

So for more flavor and more of a harsh throat hit, you may prefer a decreased airflow.

Overall don’t forget the more power you use, the more liquid you will go through. If you see, you are running low on e liquid power down as low as possible.  

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