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Everything to know about Vape Mods and Pod kits

Vape mods and vape pods are the devices where you can put in your e liquid. When it comes to vapes, there are so many options, accessories, e liquid types, flavorings; that sometimes it is easy to get lost in what you like, what you know, and what you can afford.

There are loads of devices we can choose from. Older devices or brand new technologies, small or big, buffed up or fashionable and slim.

In this article, we will take a look at Vape Mods and Pod kits. We will describe their main differences, what juice to use with them, and which one is right for you.

Let’s start with the Vape Mods

Vape Mods are, in a way, a more robust version of a general e cigarette. They are bigger, heavier, and more complicated, or we could say modified (hence the ‘Mod’ name) versions, providing a more enhanced experience for the user. Due to their size, they tend to give more power, a more substantial hit, and more vapor while using sub-ohm technology.

Also, an enhanced feature is that they can hold more e liquid as they have a tank that can be refilled. So if you make your e juice that is good news. Why? Because when creating your juice, you can play around with the PG/VG ratio. PG carries flavor better and gives you a better throat hit while VG produces more vape.

But it’s not just the PG/VG ratio that can control these features within a mod but also the fact that you can modify the coil and wicks, which are responsible for the mechanics and resistance. By tailoring the settings of a mod box and playing with the power and temperature, you can mess around with your cloud production and flavor strength.

While mods’ advantages are more power, larger battery and a great amount of vape, cons are that they are quite big and you need space and probably a carry case for your equipment. If this is a problem for you, you are probably better off with a pod.

But what are Vape Pods?

One of the newest innovations in vaping are vape pods. They are easy to use, affordable and last but not least, they are the slimmer, sexier version of mods. If we were to line up an e cig, a pod, and a mod, they would fall in the middle between an e cigarette and an advanced vape mod. If you are new to vaping or still just finding your way, Pods are the best option for you. Pods use the same sub-ohm technology to create vape though with less power and temperature. Still, they are less hassle and great for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Pods don’t have a tank to hold the e liquid, but they use a pod-based system. This means that a pod holds and vaporizes the juice. Generally, a pod holds 2ml of liquid; however, there are more extensive options as well. The pods simply push into place at the top of the device and can be pulled out once you have emptied it or simply want to change your flavor.

With relatively high power – well higher than an e cigarette-  and low temperature, Pod systems produce less vapor and are generally less hard-hitting than a mod. Therefore, you need a higher nicotine level. This is why nicotine salts and pod systems perfectly fit together. Let me explain. Nicotine salts are an alternative to the freebase nicotine that we can find in regular vape juice. Nicotine salts have a higher nicotine content. This nicotine can be naturally found in and on tobacco leaves. The difference between the two is coming down to a little bit of chemistry.

Freebase nicotine has a higher PH, which leads to increased alkalinity. Due to this, we get a stronger throat-hit and make people vape smaller amounts then what they actually would need.

With nic salt, it is the opposite as we add benzoic acid to it, which reduces the PH; therefore, the alkalinity will be smaller. As a result, we get a smoother vaping experience but still get an intense nicotine rush.

Which one are better? Vape Mods or Vape Pods?

That depends on your preferences. Asking the right questions always helps, but just as with everything in our lives, we need to try a few things to figure out what we like.

But first, let’s have a little think. Whats is essential to you? Size? Price? Power? Being hassle-free?

If we talk about size, then it is evident that Mods are more massive and bulkier then Pods; however, this changes a lot with time and new technologies resurfacing.  Even though Mods are more powerful, have a larger battery life, and it is crucial to have technological advances, manufacturers also concentrated on creating smaller and slimmer designs. Obviously, for that, you have to pay the price.

On the other hand, as we discussed, Vape Pods are smaller designs and perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle. They are simple, small, easy to use and carry around in your back without leaking. So if portability and less hassle are important for you, then pods are the best.

When it comes to power, then I don’t need to explain that Vape Mods are more powerful. They are bigger for a reason. These systems have more technology, including having a bigger battery life and changeable power levels. They can do quite high wattages, which is excellent if you want a waste amount of vapor or more intense flavors. They come with the advantage of being customizable, meaning you can modify the device you put on top. Let’s say you can have a dripper if you want to change flavors more often or a sub-tank for more vapor.

As mentioned, Vape Mods run on batteries, and if they run out, you can simply change the battery and replace it with a new one. While with a Pod, which has a built-in battery, hence comes with lower power, you need to change the whole device every time the battery runs out.

Choose a Mod if you want to play around with the wattages, the top bit, the flavor of vapor, and choose a Pod if you are happy to sacrifice a bit of power in the name of practicality and a hassle-free lifestyle.

How much do you want to spend? Pods are cheaper then Mods, but then again, once the battery is out, you need to buy a new one. While with the Mod you need just to exchange the battery, but purchasing a brand new Mod would cost more. So if you wish to try vaping and see what it’s like buying a Pod would be suggested. Then, in the long run, Mod would be more beneficial.

What e liquid to use with your device

E liquid (also known as a vape juice, e juice, or nicotine liquid) typically contains four ingredients: VG (vegetable glycerin), PG ( Propylene Glycol), flavoring, and nicotine. The type of nicotine we put in the e juice decided what device to use. We spoke a little bit about nicotine salts and freebase nicotine used with the Vape Mods and the Pods. The two are fundamentally different and create a completely different experience.

First, let’s discuss the popular freebase nicotine e liquid used in the Mods.

Freebase Nicotine E Liquids for Mods

Freebase vape juices are the ones using freebase nicotine to deliver the throat hit. It is generally extracted directly from the tobacco plant giving us pure nicotine. This creates an imbalance in alkalinity, which is why the stronger hit comes when added to the liquid.

That is when PG and VG enter the picture. These two are the odorless liquids that we put the nicotine in. PG is the substance that provides the throat hit and can cause a similar experience than actual smoking. PG also carries the flavors more effectively than VG.

On the other hand, VG is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oils, so it is safe for vegetarians. In e liquid, it is used to give a thick sensation to vapor.  Compared to PG, it provides a smoother throat hit, making it more suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

When using the two liquids, it is essential to find the right ratio. When new to vaping, a 50/50 VG/PG is recommended to give you a strong base to start. Later on, you can experiment with higher or lower levels.

Generally, high PG levels are the best for stronger throat hit and stealth vaping meaningless clouds of vape.

High VG is perfect for a smoother, less intense throat hit and cloud chasing, meaning exhaling a vast amount of vapor.

Freebase nicotine liquids are great for sub-ohm devices like mods with larger atomizers and tanks. The large coil, higher power, and lower resistance allow freebase nicotine to be vaporized within the juice, causing a lower nicotine concentration but with great cloud.

Many pod systems are not optimized for freebase juice as the lower strength of freebase nicotine can’t vaporize to the same capacity as mod systems.

Nicotine Salts for Vape Pods

This is why, with pods, we recommend nicotine salts. With less power, a smaller coil, and higher resistance, they can create the right amount of vapor and deliver nicotine salt with a better result.

We mentioned before that nicotine salt is the alternative to freebase nicotine found naturally in and on tobacco leaves. Adding benzoic acid, it levels the alkalinity levels of freebase nicotine ( so lower PH). That is why nic salt e liquids are high in nicotine but less harsh when it comes to throat hit. They give more intense nicotine rush then freebase nicotine. Therefore, you will also find that you vape less when using pods with nic salt juice. Due to this, it is enough to have a smaller tank as it will last longer before needing to refill.

Nic salts are also easier to keep in storage as they tend to last longer then freebase nicotine. They oxidize slower as long as you keep them in a dry, cool, and dark place. Don’t forget, though, to check the expiry dates before use as yes, they last longer, but expiry dates are different for all e-juice.

In terms of taste nic salts, e-liquids bases are a great choice as they are tasteless and can cause intense and clean flavors. While freebase nicotine carries a sweeter taste, it can be disturbing when you want to feel something savory like tobacco.

Nicotine salts are optimal for pods, rather than mods. Due to the high nicotine level, a direct-to-lung vaping is not recommended, and when trying, it can become irritating or uncomfortable.

However, there are Pod Mods available on the market, which are optimal for both nic salts and freebase liquids, depending on the type of coil or pod installed. For safe and efficient dosing of higher nicotine working its full potential, they belong to a higher resistance clocking in at over 1.0ohm. Anything below that is a sub-ohm technology and should be used with freebase e juice.

Now we know all about technology, e liquids, and preferences. But what about the actual devices? Let’s go through a few Pods and Mods so you can finally decide what it is you want to buy.

Device recommendations

If you are planning to stop smoking and thinking of changing to vaping, a great option is the beginner-friendly Innokin T22E Endura Starter kit

This is a „get out of the box and start vaping” kind of mod. It has a 2000mAh battery and a Micro USB cable charger. A cool feature is that you can vape while charging. The replaceable coils are delivering consistently deep and amazing flavors. Choice Japanese Organic cotton wicking draws the e-liquid up to the dual top coils which create delicious clouds of flavors. The Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass T22 2.0 ml capacity tank is quick & easy to fill and easy to clean.

What you get in the box:

  • Endura T22 Mod (x1)
  • Prism Tank T18E (x1)
  • Coils (1x Pre-installed, 1x Spare)
  • Spare O-Ring (x4)
  • Spare drip tips (x2)
  • USB charging cable (x1, Do not use mains adapters with a power output of more than 1 amp to charge e-cigarette or vape batteries.)
  • Quick start guide.

The Pod recommendation you can find our website is the SMOK Nord All In One Pod kit. This is a bit chunkier than normal pods but it is more comfortable to hold and they look great with all the different colors you can purchase them in. 

It comes with a great 1100mAh internal battery and with 2 resistance coils. A 0.6Ω coil for direct lung (DL), brings you massive clouds and 1.4Ω is for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. It has a 2ml E-juice capacity and can fire up from 10W to 15W power range to offer you stable and superior vaping. We have to mention the extremely comfortable mouthpiece of this Pod, maybe one of the most comfortable ones on the market. While with most pods you need to throw away the whole mouthpiece to swap the coils with the SMOK Nord you can swap the coil without throwing out the mouthpiece. 

What you get in the box:

  • SMOK NORD Kit (x1)
  • Refillable Pod (x1)
  • 0.6-ohm Mesh coil (x1)
  • 1.4 ohm MTL coil (x1)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card.

To find out more about these devices or to find your next Mod/Pod check out our website

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