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Improve E Liquid Flavour – 7 best practices

Improve e liquid flavour with these 7 best practices. There are several reasons for choosing vaping instead of regular cigarettes. Some people wish to quit smoking, and vaping is one of the alternatives. Others love the enormous amounts of clouds that an e-cig can create along with the pleasant smell it goes with. Third and I think the most essential element of vaping is the taste of your e liquid. Now, mixing clouds with taste is …well… a fantastic experience.

But how can we make sure that we get the best taste out of our e liquid?

Here are some tips for you:

1- Choose the right VG/PG ratio to improve e liquid flavour

If you are a vaper for a longer time, you know what VG/PG is. But I will explain it anyway. VG (vegetable glycerin) is the liquid in your e juice that provides you with a vast amount of clouds, while PG (propylene glycol) carries the flavor in your liquid. PG is thinner in consistency, and it is flavorless, so it doesn’t affect the flavor you add to your vape juice. While VG has a little bit of a sweet taste, it could affect your flavor if you use other tastes then sweet. It could mix it up for you and work against each other. Not necessarily a good experience…

An ideal ratio would be 50%-50% PG/VG, but you could try a 60%PG for a better taste. It will be trial and error, and when you find the right amounts, it will be amazing.

2- Vapers’ Tounge

Like all of our body parts, even our tounges can get enough. After tasting the same flavors for a longer time, our tongue can get fatigued. There are several ways of avoiding this, like changing to entirely different flavors, drinking enough water, and smelling fresh coffee beans or sucking on lemon works. I personally would also add good mouth hygiene and just merely brushing your tongue with a toothbrush.

To get ideas for tastes, check our e liquids here:

And now to the more technical stuff…

3- Temperature and Wattage

Temperature is an important factor in tastes. Specific flavorings vapourize at different temperatures, and setting your device can determine how hot the coil gets. Hence it is beneficial to have a device where you can customize the power of the device. For non-technical people like me to understand this, let’s say a flavor will taste 20W differently than at 30W.

Excellent advice is to start at a lower temperature and the increase it step by step to find the right temperate/tase combo.

4- Airflow 

When you prefer flavors more than clouds, airflow becomes your nemesis. For cloud chasers, big airflow going around your coil is great, but this reduces flavor. To avoid this, reduce the airflow by either closing off or narrowing it. As a result, vape will become dense and warm, carrying more flavors. However, be careful as it can get too hot, so experimenting on this is an excellent way of finding the right taste for your tastebuds.

5- Coil/Atomiser

The best coil you should be using is the bottom-coil atomizer. As opposed to top coil atomizers where e liquid is soaked up by the wick against gravity while with bottom coil ones, there is less pressure on the wick as gravity works for you.  

For experienced vapers, rebuildable atomizers are the solution for their desired taste. This way, you can customize your coil as you want, creating the best result for yourself. And as a plus, you can make sure that no one else has the same setup.

6- The material of the wick

There are several materials used for wicking, and it is important to know what options there are as some could mute the taste of your e liquid. Earlier in the vaping days, they used stainless steel mesh and silica, but these turned out to have problems and did not get us good flavors.

The new standard for wicking material is organic cotton, which is cheap and easy to handle, but the flavor is fantastic. The downside is that it will burn if you fire your device without any liquid and the taste of dry hit is not pleasant at all.

There are also other materials like hemp, rayon, cellucotton, cotton bacon, and the most high-end material nowadays, Japanese cotton. As suggested, it is more expensive than the rest, but it is easy to handle as it comes in pads, has no chemicals in it, and gives a clean flavor.

My advice is to try out different wicking materials and see what suits best for your needs.

7- Storing and looking after your juice to improve e liquid flavour

Proper storage practices for your vape juice is quite essential. You can’t just put it on a shelf and forget about it. The greatest enemy of e liquid is light, air, and heat. To keep them in excellent condition, always keep them out of light, don’t expose them to heat, and minimize the exposure to open air.

The best storage material is glass, so bottle up your liquid if you are making your own. If you are buying it online like our shop or from your local vaping shop, then fin a cupboard (preferably away from radiators) and put them in there.

You can also steep the liquid by letting it sit for a more extended period of time. This really brings out the flavors.

Overall, you have several options to have the best flavoring, and mixing the above steps can significantly improve your vaping experience.

Happy vaping, and enjoy those flavours!

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